Our Most Valuable Asset: HUMANS

Our mission is to be the ‘Sector’s School’. Together with universities and NGOs, we devise and realize joint projects in areas such as updating occupational education and increasing industry’s environmental compatibility.

Education is our priority

As Umur Stationery we believe that lifelong educational awareness and a human-focused approach are both very important for success, in addition to investments in machinery and equipment. Following a 2010 decision, as the Umur Academy, we now regularly deliver educational and developmental activities.

What do we do?

  • We provide scholarships for hundreds of young technical high school and university students.
  • We supply students with internship opportunities.
  • We support schools with both stationery and with other material aid.
  • We present ‘introduction to the sector’ seminars to high school and university students.
  • Our seminars and activities prepare students for working life.
  • We keep our doors open for students seeking applied training.
  • We provide employment opportunities for graduates.


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Umur Academy