We declare that each and every product of each and every brand that we either represent in Turkey or that we manufacture ourselves conforms to all appropriate laws, regulations and product safety standards applicable in Turkey and in Europe.

The tests conducted on each brand are as follow:

  • STABILO, a German brand, assures its product safety and manufacturing in accordance with REACH. REACH is European Union legislation that provides a high level of protection against chemicals for both the environmental and for humans’ health.
  • UHU is a German brand that manufactures to European Union norms. It is annually tested by Intertek, TÜV, SGS and by Dermatest. UHU stands out with its solvent-free products for children.
  • Pilot, a Japanese brand, also gives an assurance that none of its products contain any harmful materials. It is tested annually by an independent research institution, Intertek. This is the same approach as taken by STABILO and Uhu.


Information Safety Management System Policy

As a corporate industrial firm, Umur has adopted the principle of protecting the safety of its company’s informational assets while minimizing interruptions to its business processes. In this context, Umur management guarantees that the required resources will always be assigned.
Click here for Umur Stationery’s Information Safety Management System Policy document.