With a 100-year legacy behind it, Samsonite International SA is the world’s largest suitcase brand in terms of its 2010 retail sales value. It is also a leading backpack brand. The company was founded in 1910 by Jessy Shwayder, an entrepreneur, to manufacture suitcases and other travel products.

Samsonite products’ groundbreaking innovations inspire travelers worldwide. As the travel product market’s leading brand, Samsonite remains a ‘Trend Setter’, operating with this philosophy in all of its product groups. Samsonite appeals to a large audience in its business related products, every-day products and personal accessories.

By 2010 the company was serving wholesale and retail customers in over 100 countries, via 37,000 retail points of sale. As the world’s most preferred travel products brand, Samsonite continues to incorporate many other successful brands as it grows globally.

In May of 2013, Samsonite introduced American Tourister to the Turkish market. After Samsonite itself, this is the world’s second largest suitcase and bag brand in terms of market size. Being already very popular in Asia and America especially, in as little as one year American Tourister gained significant success in Turkey.

In addition to the American Tourister brand, in 2014 Samsonite incorporated High Sierra, one of America’s ten most successful outdoor brands. Further, Samsonite has a five-year partnership with the iconic, world famous Disney brand, a deal valid from 2014 to 2019. Samsonite has brought Disney to the Turkish market.

The stationery channel rights to the distribution of the Samsonite Casual Backpack Category, the High Sierra, Disney by Samsonite, and for Disney by American Tourister are all held by Umur Stationery Industry and Trade Inc.